13 February, 2013 04:59


Flesh now treacherous binding word
Tear spill bursting all that’s heard
Chair strap here more net than cage
Please oh Lord come turn this page
Take me ‘way to loving land
Take me ‘way to children’s hand
Take me ‘way from body hell
Take me ‘way from cannot tell
here can’t say curse whisper shout
hold grab squeeze laugh smile or pout
here can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t
Can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t

Fear not to plunge

Splash the ceilings an’ the walls
Splash the carpets an’ the halls
Splash for power an’ for light
Splash for daybreak an’ the night
Splash the clouds an’ all the trees
Splash the birds an’ splash the bees
Make it frothy make it swirl
Throw your juices an’ your hurl
Shame the gods with all your might
Cast your essence through the night
Mark this planet with your junk
Quake the stars with all your funk
Fear not scornful nor the dead
To grave they go with shit full head

Everlasting endings

Grasped torch tips towards everlasting endings
This frozen in everything cycle
One vision a multitudes shadow
Omnipotences dust scattered

Forgive my soft furriness existiness’s

Forgive my soft furriness existiness’s
squiggly back shadow to your sunny everlastiness
My whisper thrashilly runshufflestepiness so rude to your sensesawesomeinesss’s
My big smalliness ugly to your big gianty beauty greatnessity
I’ll not poison your presence with so small emtpy cries of creamygood mercifulling
My rubstompsmashiness’s my gift to your half thought steponitness

Summers end

Soft wetness everlasting heat
Blue thundered earthstriking
Tongues probe last vestages of cloudy crevices
My flaming lover this tightest of living embraces
My Red Creamsicled Sun
Wet grasping cloudbursts blazing cries of foreverness
Until eternal limbs entwine again
Summers end tearfully whispered

It’d be better if we weren’t here, huh?

It’d be better if we weren’t here, huh?
Yah, it’d be better
Better for some with the severe arthrity hippy backy pains
Better for some with the bracey wrappy thingy here n therey
Better for some with the hopeyless blanky starey gazey wayziness’s
Better for some with the small kids soon big soon to slide into the line-upiness for theyselfiness
Better for some with some others pants n shirtiness n even elses shoe-sock-hatiness ons
Better for some with somfools kids without they can’t be bothered ’cause the booze is still wet daddinessiness’s
Better for some with the cheapo smokes behind the ‘sir-yes-sir’ stiff legged is this the thanks I get tuff n tired roughiness’s
Better for some with the ain’t nobidies busibusibusyness ‘chu-look’n at punk’ iness’s
Better for some with new car can’t pay anyway but my wheels look sweetiness neediness cause I can’t subractiness’s
Better for some with the no more bread n mac-n cheesyweezi cans I get a hand if you pleasiness …n thank you ma’miness’s
I can’t say what brings the bags out from one to threesy’s must have I.D’zy’s behind the blue line next pleasy’s sign here no “air” on in the outside wait-in lininess’s
But yah
I get all the ‘better if not here’ grin n bare it cause what the hell else we gonna do ain’t no one gonna hire no grey-beardiness wanna work but no jobsiness’s
K…I get it

Obamanomics of it all

The obamanomics of it all
Foolishness pettiness back stabiness is all
One side says they lie
One side says don’t call
And my side is but forced to wallow in it all
obama carter reagan bush clinton all
Lie cheat steal and borrow till we take the fall
We’ve seen what will be
We’ve heard futures call
we’ve purchased romes destiny
And our babies will pay all

Quantum jumping – my stolen me

This sometime madness me-men made
Forgotten something hollow shade
Puzzled glances all I give
Taken something’s as I live
I’s come and take from all I have
talents gifts powers salves
Missing pieces never were
I’s seem to think I am my’s cure
Vag’y moments all I hold
My taken lives my’s stories told

Mayoral E, man

Mayoral E, man
Would’a should’a could’a, man
Should’a voted thrice
Would’a got sump’n done, man
Not this mickro macro, man

Sha water…. Shameful

Sha water… Shameful

Backroom dealings secret meets

Noth’n accomplished

Lots o’ “mayors” passed the buck

“Maybe next term… Vote for me”

Kloppenburgs recount

Recount sans The Nick
Yah, it’s a vote, but it’s bad
No, don’t care, not mine
Look, the pencils out da line!

Independence Day

Independence day
Oh day of wrath and blood
To tear away your bony fingered strangulators awrapped around my gasping throat
To rip amongst your ribs above my stabbed and quaking chest
To silence your putrid staler than maggoty breath screaming through my ground off ears
To break free from your dogoodiness drowning my people in your pissy goood intentioned swamp of this and that
My guns gone off and your guts blown out
Now get off my damn porch you brown shirt stealer of life
You better than we monstrosity of rot hanging over my every breath
You vile
You filth
You government
Of wrath and blood this day
My independence

Waukesha Poetry

Finally transfered all poems from my Blogspot ‘Flooded Fox’ and ‘Wauketanka’.

I was born’d n raised in the Sha (Hadfield, Horning, Central, North) so I’m labeling everth’n I post ‘Waukesha poetry, whether it fits or not!

Most of what I am comes from here, so why not ay?


We’re all glow’n now

We’re all glow’n now!
Radon flows in the water
Japanese junk rain
Microwaves in the kitchen
Spy waves body scans n such

April showers o snow

Aprils snow showers…
Did we ask for more of this?
50, 60, snow
My zucchinis got the chills!
Three inches to the north…wa?!?!

Judged VanDeWater

You held such promise
With golden locks aflutter
You blinded most all
No ‘sperience? No matter
fooled we voted, wooed you fell

dreams 7 below

Dreams 7 below
These Waukesha scorchers suck
Suck the cool away
Thermy thingy on the wall
I’m dream’n 7 bellow

Constitutional carry

whats so scary Fed? God given right to defend tax – fee – “sign in” free Constitutional carry This world is full of tyrants

I’ve made the rapture

I woke to His r’ward
Wife in arms n kids in home
I woke to His r’ward
Better then all golden roads
Sweeter than any crown… Love

Friday night rock outs

Friday night rock outs!
Twin guitars n tamborines
Why can’t we head bang?
South Main needs to rock !
Li’l death metal for the Sha !!!

By the Capital

By the Capital

Drive by protest protesting

Shouted up Walker


Sad faces… Hurt they feel’ns…

Liberal pen removes ’em

My vote was MADE man!!!

My choice my voice my ‘right’ man

Blade n gun gave ’em

Though votes where made to count man

Liberal pen removes ’em

Should we celebrate?

Should we celebrate?
Osama with a bullet
Please, do as you will
I will dance and sing and shout
For the dead and the living

Sticky note protests

Sticky note protests
Yellow pink purple n blue
Hope, change, Walker too
Gas pumps grocers no ones safe
stock in 3M saving grace

Scrima’s little book

Scrima’s little book
What? “God”? No, just a l’l book
Workplace fellowship
Noth’n wrong with a l’l hep
Hey, lets cast out Luthifer !!!

Walked the tracks today

Walked the tracks today
Caught sight of a new whisper
Don’t know the make-up
Good.. bad.. don’t matter much now
Just another missing man

Eastering the Sha!

Eastering the Sha
Colored eggs and candy too
baskets grass n ma
Funny little basket pink
Choc’let bunny easter joy

Klop-n-hop cries COUNT AGAIN ! !

Do over once more!
Klop-n-hop cries COUNT AGAIN!
It’s free for me so…
bad votes is what we seek’n
Disqualify the repubs !!!

atomic release

Red licking heat lover devider expanser

Atomic orgasmic compression bombaster

Close comer swirl dancer red yellow black ‘mancer

Come change me without and within my enhancer

My atom explodes in your fires lap dancer

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